Everything Is Pozible!

BUCKETTS OF THANKS to all our amazing Billy Buckett Believers who rallied around our Pozible crowd-funding campaign, raising over $10,000* for Footlights Theatrical Inc to produce Billy Buckett in 2018. What an exciting ride it was. We were blown away by the support we received!


Of course the $10K is a FANTASTIC start, but we need to keep going with our fundraising to cover the venue/production costs. So we are now moving onto grant applications and seeking sponsorships from businesses.

For those who missed out on pledging to the Pozible campaign, Footlights will also soon be open for donations to the Billy Buckett fund. On offer will be similar rewards as the Pozible campaign for certain levels of donations – eg Preview Tickets, backstage tour and meet the cast, limited edition cast t-shirts etc… So WATCH OUT for more info on how you can help!

Meantime go ahead and

+ Sign up to the BB Believers mailing list

+ Visit our BB website to Meet The Cast & Meet The Band.




(*A total of $11,785 in pledges were made during the month-long Pozible campaign. After Pozible’s service and transaction fees and declined cards/failed pledges, $10,547.63 was raised for Footlights Theatrical Inc’s BB 2018.  See the full list of the campaign’s supporters  on this page.)