Photos by Vincent Swift Photography

“Mind Over Matters Blues” – Billy Buckett (Steve Dorrington) struts his stuff with ‘The Asteroids’ at the midsummer barn dance.

“Bundle” – Billy’s flirting with the Judies upsets their Teddy-Boy-friends, and chaos ensues…

“Wot’s Work?” Big Ted (Doug Rumble) and the garridge lads bemoan the iniquities of a working life.

“Self-Made Man” – Garage-owner Arthur Burns (Ian Maurice) tells his wife Helen (Linda Hall)  and the ‘garridge lads’ Big Ted, Marty (Lachlan Clark), Pimples (Scott Young) why HE’S in charge.

“Giblets!” – Shirley (Jermia Turner) explains to Janette Burns (Lauren Lee Innis-Youren) why working at ‘Burn’s Chickens’ stinks.

“Daddy” – Jan puts a positive spin on her father’s bullish behaviour

“A Girl Is Like A Car” – Ted explains his insights on love to Billy, from a mechanic’s perspective.

“Restless” – At local coffee bar Toodies, Shirley (Jermia Turner) and Betty (Kate Davies) complain about life in a ‘one-horse town’.

“Who Were You With Last Night” – The Juke Box is out of date, so Billy spices things up with a new song he’s written.

The song is a hit with the gang and Big Ted asks Billy “What are you doin’ in a town halfway up the backside of nowhere?”

“You Got A Rock’n’Roll Heart” – Billy and Jan fall for each other, finding much in common, despite the disparity in their backgrounds

Maureen (Allison Nipperess) helps Big Ted discover Shakespeare and ‘A whole new world opens up before him.’

“Goodbye, Billy!” Thwarted by seemingly insurmountable class and financial barriers, the lovers disagree about the future.

“What’ll I Do?” – Billy and Jan go very separate ways.

“Mr Cool” – Disaster has struck, but Jan finds her heart still belongs to Billy.

“Dynamo” – Big Ted and Maureen marry in a garish Rock’n’Roll wedding with a ‘Honeymoon – in Brighton!’

“Don’t talk to me like I’m still an apprentice!” – Big Ted and Pimples get closer to understanding each other.

Billy’s back! As Pop-Star Billy Cool, our hero has found success and the lovers are reunited – but there’s still a big obstacle to Billy and Jan finding happiness

“She Believes In Me” – As the final pieces in the jigsaw of the hero and heroine’s scattered lives fall back into place, the show rock’n’rolls to a glorious finale

And, as Big Ted might say – “All’s Well That Ends Well!”