What a Season! BB @ LEC 2018

Billy Buckett has left the building. One thousand people came to see the Footlights Theatrical production in 4 days of shows at the Logan Entertainment Centre. The feedback was just so uplifting.

It was an unforgettable experience and it wouldn’t have been possible without your support.

We (the Creators) especially like to express our immense GRATITUDE to Footlights Theatrical Inc, publishers Stagescripts Ltd, our highly-skilled and hard-working Cast, Creative/Production Team, Band, Crew & Volunteers, the Logan Entertainment Centre, Logan City Council, RADF/Arts Queensland, Pozible crowd-funders and other supporters, all of our Billy Buckett Believers and our FABULOUS audiences.

If you saw the show, the pre-season pop-up performances or were involved in any way, you’re welcome to fill in our online survey (it takes about 3 minutes): https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JBF6XCM

See survey comments below with photos by Vincent Swift.

Now Billy B. is ready to go out into the world and continue to spread “bucketts” of joy by being performed by theatre ensembles around the world.

To put on your performance of the show, please contact David Waters of Stagescripts Ltd: http://www.stagescripts.com/

YOUR COMMENTS: Survey Results

“It was an opportunity to see a wonderful show written and produced locally at and affordable price. I would love to see more funding for this type of activity.”

“Great opportunity for local artists to showcase their talents.”

“Billy Buckett was an amazing show and the first time I’ve been involved with a production at a professional level. An awesome experience!”

“RADF is critical in making shows like this possible. They have a big part to play in making the arts accessible.”

“I loved all of the original songs and the story really resonated with me as well. The band and the actors kept everyone enthralled…”

“All participants put their time, heart and soul into this show. The level of commitment and dedication was second to none.”

“…performance excellence was outstanding.”

“Great audience numbers and included mentally challenged members of the community who displayed their great enjoyment with gusto.”

“Many local families who love Musical Theatre are not able to afford the cost of Brisbane shows very often, so it was really welcome to have such a fantastic show staged locally at an affordable price. The audience clearly had a wonderful evening and went home still feeling on a high and tapping toes!”

“All members of the production were highly motivated to promote the show and LEC. Most participants are locals in Logan and proud to be showcasing Billy Buckett in the community.”

“This show is definitely something Logan can be proud of. As a long time Logan resident, I was super proud to be performing at our very own performance venue with a fun and highly enjoyable show! Any theatrical or performance contribution to the local area is wonderful for social cohesion as well.”

“I live in the local area and gathered a group of friends and relatives to attend the show. Everyone had a great night and went home feeling happy and positive and connected through sharing an experience. This type of experience is very important for the live-ability and social cohesion of the community. I do feel very proud that this was a local production.”

“People were talking about Billy Buckett on the train.”

“How would you feel if somebody you knew, be it a friend or a family member was performing in a professional musical? Pride doesn’t even come close. This was a top notch production being presented in our Logan Entertainment Centre. People were bursting with pride.”

“I had to travel from north side to get to see Billy Buckett but I was so impressed with the auditorium and surrounds that I may now travel there again for these performances. I love musical theatre. Large and small. I’m sure it promoted to all.”

“Pop up performances and the show at Logan Entertainment Centre provided an exciting and affordable addition to Arts and Culture in Logan. It is exciting to see a show written and performed by local artists and of such excellent quality.”

“Logan has such a vibrant cultural community which has been further enriched by this project.”

“Working with experienced musicians and fellow performers, as well as performing in such an established and professional building was excellent!”

“The project provided an excellent night of fun entertainment as well as insight into life in 1950’s England. The audience was very involved, laughing and clapping along with the music. Groups stood around after the show discussing and expressing how good the show was. It was clearly a very positive community experience.”

“It was lovely to be involved in a production which was created from the ground up by people who are kind and caring. Everyone involved was valued and contributed to the final product.”

“I learned a lot about the cultural facilities in Logan through this project – the Art Gallery and LEC in particular. We ate at local restaurants as well, so I think projects like this can help the local economy.”

“…this has been the most rewarding and satisfying show that I have ever worked on. I came out of retirement to do this and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. This has been the best experience of working backstage on a show, ever!”

“We could not have continued with this project with any confidence had we not been supported by our local RADF. I am personally very grateful indeed for their contribution to Billy Buckett.”

“It was absolutely amazing! The acting was brilliant! The songs are amazing and the theatre was beautiful. All round an extremely exceptional show.”

“This show did not have one song that let the show down…. Strong storyline. Strong characters. I don’t know why someone hasn’t picked it up and turned it into another Grease!”

“Musically and dramatically this was an excellent production and it deserves to be widely known. A local hit with far-reaching potential.”