Reviews from Beenleigh Theatre Group’s World Premiere Season:

“Well done to the cast, crew, and directors/writers of this wonderful musical.  The original 1950’s inspired music was absolutely terrific and very well sung by the entire cast…. and was also in keeping with the British side of the world, not the American rock ‘n’ roll, which made it sound even more authentic.  If you like Grease, Rock Around The Clock, Happy Days and rock ‘n’ roll, then you will thoroughly enjoy this show too.”  
Pauline Smith, Absolute Theatre, Australia.

“A brand new rock‘n’roll musical, an insight into love and family affairs in post-war England, enough unbridled energy onstage to light Beenleigh for a whole weekend ─ the adrenaline rush should send theatregoers home smiling so people at work will think they’re in love.  As they ought to be, with this new show!  This company acts, sings, dances with passion and commitment.  Their joy rains over the audience.  I applaud the rock band; the choreographer; the voice coach who got all the right actors sounding like people from Essex; the many invisible techies who contributed their talents; and the wardrobe personnel who, I suspect, wiped out several Op Shops to find costumes right for 1959-60.  Billy Buckett is a great night out!”
Jay McKee, Stage Whispers, Australia/NZ.

“The show is a great deal of fun, with a live seven-piece rock ‘n’ roll band and a cast of 30 wonderful singing, dancing actors. Get your friends together and organise a great entertaining night out.  IT’S A MUST SEE!!!”  
Pauline’s Dance Gig Guide

“A fabulous show, lovely feel-good storyline, well acted and beautifully sung by a high quality cast and chorus.  Clever sets, smooth scene changes, great music played by a superbly competent band, loads of funny lines!  DON’T MISS IT!  Child friendly too.  Cast, crew, producer/director…they deserve a huge credit for this one.  Do yourselves a favour girls and boys and go see BILLY BUCKETT at the wonderful Crete Street Theatre in Beenleigh.”  
The Roving Theatre Critic, SEQ Swing Dance Club

“The world premiere of Billy Buckett opened to a packed house and from the very first number the audience was drawn into a highly entertaining 50’s rock musical.  Co-writers and directors Jay Turner and Cath Mundy have given us a fantastic story with toe tapping music that feels fresh and new although having 1950’s influences.  Stephen Dorrington is amazing as Billy Buckett, a young singer/songwriter mechanic who dreams of ‘fame, fortune and mass adoration’.  Billy’s love interest is the boss’s beautiful daughter, Janette Burns (played by Lauren Innis-Youren).  Both Stephen and Lauren bring their characters to life with believable performances as two young lovers torn apart by Jan’s father, Arthur Burns, played by Brisbane’s 4BC radio host Ian Maurice.  A stand out performance by Linda Hall who plays Jan’s mother Helen, a meek woman who silently stands by as her husband sends their daughter away. The script has some great comedic moments with characters such as Big Ted (Doug Rumble) and Jan’s best friend Maureen (Allison Nipperess) keeping the audience laughing.  Scott Pilgrim Young was hilarious in his role as Pimples. The costumes were stunning and the sets were simply amazing.  This show was a delight to see with a well-written story, great music and a talented cast.  I highly recommend you seeing this show. I’ll be seeing this one again before the run ends.”
Rebecca L. Dobbie, Logan City Writers Group

Comments From Audience Members:

“What an amazing show!  The cast, the music, the band, the tech wizardry, the costumes, the script, the choreo, the whole freakin schmick package… WOW.  Congratulations Cath and Jay, cast, crew and company!!!” Dan Endicott, Odyssey Entertainment

“This might have been staged by an amateur theatre group, but was a highly professional production….the best I have seen in a long time!  I trust that this is only the beginning of something BIG!  The music and the energy it created were electric, the script writing was tight and flowed effortlessly.  The performances were second to none.  The actors lived their characters well, the singing was inspirational and the ensemble gave a lovely depth to this musical theatre celebration.  The staging and set management was fluid and not fussy and wardrobe was delightfully authentic.  The Asteroids tied the show together with great musicality, energy and self-discipline, remaining statuesque at the rear of the stage when not playing.  This show is a credit to its creators, Jay Turner & Cath Mundy, the production team, cast, the ensemble, the crew and the Beenleigh Theatre Group for taking on this world premiere.  And the icing on the cake…it’s nice to have a signed, quality program to remind me of the time I came to BTG and saw the World Premiere of Billy Buckett….tender is the night.” 
John Rodriquez, Singclusion Inc.

“Just had the honour of watching Billy Buckett, a world class show in the making.  Great songs Jay especially the ballads, my weakness.  Brilliant characterisation.  Could have been easy to fall into the trap of presenting “over the top” presentations by great singers who actually speak.  All the characters were real and believable.  Great work by all.”  
Colin Foot

“Congratulations to the Cast and Crew for an awesome show tonight, Billy Buckett (with two T’s) was incredible. Great music and so many great moments.”  Ian Moore

“Thanks BTG and Billy Buckett cast and crew for a fabulous afternoon. All the months of blood, sweat and tears have paid off. Wonderful singing, dancing, costumes, scenery, sound/lighting all coming together for a really great performance.”  Phillipa Bowe

“Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of last night’s Billy Buckett opening. It was a show of high quality and a delight to the visual and auditory senses. Was gob-smacked by the trio in Act II.” Shane Daly

“Well done to everyone involved – you deserve to have sold out houses.”

“Awesome show tonight… Well done cast and crew of Billy Buckett at Beenleigh Theatre Group.  Fantastic entertainment – I thoroughly enjoyed it.” J.L.

“Ray and I had a fantastic night at the preview of Billy Buckett at Beenleigh on Sunday night. Well done to all those involved for a great production. The standard of singing and dancing was great, good story-line, lots of laughs and some tender, emotional scenes as well. Take a hanky or tissues! The mostly young cast looked great in clothing and hairstyles from the 50′s era. The band played some good catchy tunes that had me dancing in my chair.  We thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and highly recommend it.”  Pauline

“The whole show was fantastic – the lighting, choreography, the level of performance, the sets, the singing, the acting, the band, and the music all were so well done and it was just a great production. My favourite song? Photographs and Memories – yes, I cried. And that’s not the only part I got teary in.”  M.B.

“We all LOVED it – our girl was whooping and cheering and then screaming by the end of it! We had sore hands from clapping, and I loved looking around seeing many of our friends giving a standing ovation at the curtain call. Congratulations on a brilliant performance, a knock-out show, a ripper of a way to spend an afternoon.” M.B.

“It was a fantastic show.. great players and the music was spectacular – well done!”

“We just saw the best Musical Theatre production evaaaaa. Billy Buckett.  Amazing, stunning, funny. touching, awesome and so damm feel good.”  S.M.M.

“Just wanted to say: Billy Buckett was amazing – Still have the songs stuck in my head!” B.T.

“Great show guys – really enjoyed tonight’s show. Will be back – it’s about 30 years since I’ve seen a Beenleigh Theatre Group show.” C.W.

“It was fantastic, brilliant and wonderful; the singing, the dancing, the music, the atmosphere, both in the foyer and on stage.  Like a big party.”  M.B.

“Wow! What an amazing show!  Music was great – couldn’t sit still!  Costumes – so realistic and detailed!  Entertaining, energetic, funny, etc.  What an incredibly talented bunch of people we have in Logan!”  G.N.