We Did it! Pozible Crowd-Funding Success

BUCKETTS OF THANKS to all our amazing Billy Buckett Believers who rallied around our Pozible crowd-funding campaign, raising over $10,000 for Footlights Theatrical Inc to produce Billy Buckett in 2018.  The campaign closed on 15 November.

What an exciting ride it was.  We were blown away by the support we received!  You ROCK!


$10,547.63 total raised for Footlights Theatrical Inc’s BB 2018

One ROLLS+: Robyn & Andrew Martin
One ROLLS: Richard Taylor
One CORVETTE+: Louise Carrigan
2 x CORVETTES: Daniel Endicott/Odyssey Entertainment,
Cate Heyworth-Smith
7 x ZEPHYR+: Joanne & Rod Smith, Suzanne & Jeff Miller-Mustard, AT Anonymous, Stewart Worthington, Nadia & Ali Rasouli-Matin, Jen & Pete Furlong, Julie Heath
43 x ZEPHYRs:  Eileen Rayner, Andrew & Kathy Smith, Pauline Roche, Ellenby, Nakinna Atkins, Pattie & Michael Campbell , Catherine Marsh, Mick Davis, ME Anonymous, LS Anonymous, Pamela Tonkin, JB Anonymous, Celia Maslen, Dianne Dorrington, Paul O’Grady, Ai Shibata, Fleur Letitia, Linda Hall, Stephanie Underwood, Janice Suen, Belinda Habler, MO Anonymous, MR Anonymous, Jill Harris, Roslyn Johnson, Michael Fox, Mel & Pete, FB Anonymous, Emma Seach, Stuart & Gwen Rayner, Jessie Dowds, Eileen Rayner, Cherie de Pinna, Alison Herbst, Bev Anti, John & Kerrie Rodriquez, Chris Bock, Lee-Anne Dobson, Faye Cooper, Jo Castle, MS Anonymous, Helen Ganter
15 x ANGLIAs: Adriana van Stiphout, Miriam Braithwaite, Janelle Cokley, Katrina Graham, Sasha Kos, Kate Davies, HW Anonymous, Alyson Dean, RA Anonymous, Judy Fredriksen, Frances & Terry Stanfield, Mei Har Rundle, RM Anonymous, Rebekah Brammer
17 x MINIs: PL Anonymous, Brad & Rachel Durre-Hart, JB Anonymous, Betty Bojkevic, Vince Swift, Maia Kshemya, Jason Xu, Kwok King Yuen, David Truong, Bradley Eaton, Beau Hawton, Kerryn Bear, Juliana McCorison, Dee Handyside, Deborah Clark-Dickson, Chris & Johanna Mountier, Margaret Middleton
22 x “No Reward – Just Loving Being BB Believers”: AG Anonymous, Sunny Daye, Sharmalene Fernando, Ae Sook Mankiewicz, WB Anonymous, Melanie Hannan, Louise Winton, Donna Harris, OS Anonymous, IB Anonymous, Jodie Grimmer, EK Anonymous, MO Anonymous, Greta Kelly, Melissa Bruijn, Janet Black, KM Anonymous, Paul Morwood, CD Anonymous, Emma Dean, AM Anonymous, JK Anonymous
Plus all those who shared the campaign and are cheering for us even if you couldn’t donate!  You Rock!

Of course this is a FANTASTIC start, but it is just a start.   We need to keep going with our fundraising to cover the venue/production costs.

GRANTS: So… we have submitted our application for an $8K arts-grant from RADF (Regional Arts Development Fund). Wish us luck with that!

SPONSORSHIP: And we are now moving onto seeking sponsorship from businesses.

If you know a business that may be interested in investing in the performing arts with excellent promotional opportunities, please contact us!

DONATIONS: For those who missed out on pledging to the Pozible campaign, Footlights will also soon be open for donations to the Billy Buckett fund.

In return for your donations will be similar levels of rewards as the Pozible campaign – eg Preview Tickets, backstage tour and meet the cast, limited edition cast t-shirts etc…

So WATCH OUT for more info on how you can donate and get rockin’ rewards!

WEBSITE: Meantime go ahead and visit our BB website to find out everything about the show. Feel free to sign up to our Friends of Billy Buckett mailing list from there.


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